Fashion is my weakness. Show me a wedding dress covered in intricate beading and exquisite fabrics, and I’m simply on cloud nine! So when I laid my eyes on the brand new 2016 collection from Ester Haute Couture, well, consider me seriously smitten. This array of wedding dresses is beyond words—describing them merely as “beautiful” is a serious understatement.  Exquisitely feminine silhouettes, sublime pearl and lace detailing, sexy-chic vibe… how can one not fall breathlessly in love with a collection this pretty? See every utterly stunning gown in the Gallery!

Credit: BelleTheMagazine

Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-80 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-270 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-265 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-240 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-200 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-165 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-160 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-120 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-105 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-65 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-60 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-45 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-40 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-25 Ester-Haute-Couture-Fall-2016-15

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